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The Ambassadors  of Compassion program has produced significant results from 5th through 12th grades and college level students. See what some of the reports say.

Santa Ana

Orange County

Intermediate school study highlighting Ambassadors program success.

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Effectiveness Study

Third Party effectiveness study performed by University of Alabama.



Emotional Resiliency

Youth Resiliency Summary Report describing positive changes in the key indicators of emotional resilience.



1 Million Students

Ambassadors of Compassion is aiming to reach 1 Million students by 2025.

Educators and Students Love Us!

Coaches, Teachers, and Administrators agree that the Ambassadors of Compassion programs create lasting transformation for students that also positively impacts the school and community.

Heidi Cisneros
"Ambassadors of Compassion is truly a cutting edge new model for mentoring. It has eliminated all the barriers that stopped mentoring programs in the past from being successful and reinforced what makes mentoring positive and life-changing.”
Heidi Cisneros
Executive Director, Pupil Support Services, Santa Ana Unified School District, CA
Gene Bedley
"I believe the Ambassadors of Compassion Leadership Program will be the fuel that ignites the passion to begin and the perseverance to finish for millions of teenagers. I've witnessed the results from students who have completed the Ambassadors of Compassion program, and they are transformational and stellar.”
Gene Bedley
School Administrator, National Outstanding Educator of the Year
Trish McCarty
"The Ambassadors of Compassion program has provided our students with the unique chance to give back to the community, and throughout the process, find their voice. It has provided our students with an overwhelming amount of individual confidence and has allowed them to not only find out what they stand for, but also realize who they really are."
Trish McCarty
Founder and CEO, Star Shine Academy Schools
“The most important concept I have learned is that I will not stand alone when all odds seem to be against me. I will always remember that there are other youths who have survived hardships. I have really looked into what kind of person I am and my full potential as a leader and Ambassador of Compassion.”
High School Student

Student Testimonials

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