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Legacy Leaders and Legacy Legends are caring individuals who use their influence or finances to do something significant that leaves behind an unforgettable impression on others.

Sept 9 2023

Dinner and Sunset Cruise

Sail into an enchanting evening on a dinner and sunset cruise in Northern CA on September 9th. Be part of a remarkable networking event, sponsored by Legacy Leaders Candace Newton and Richard Goldstein, and hosted by the Ambassadors of Compassion. Don't miss this opportunity to connect, dine, and marvel at the stunning sunset. Book your tickets early!


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70,000 Students Strong and Growing

The Ambassadors of Compassion Million Student Initiative is to reach 1 million students a year with our life-changing programs. By adopting 4,000 high schools with an average of 250 students per school we can reach a million students.

Why 1 million students?

“It takes only 6% of the population to change the entire direction of society.“

Malcolm Gladwell

The Tipping Point


Legacy Legends and Leaders

These Legacy Leaders and Legacy Legends have used either their influence, their finances, or both to help reach over 70,000 students with the Ambassadors of Compassion Program.

Our Youth Are In CRISIS


Addressing the Crisis

“The mental health of our youth has never been more stressed. Suicidal behavior presents a major challenge to public health in the U.S. and globally.”
CDC Youth Risk Behavior Study, 2019

“Children are experiencing a significant sense of isolation and loss, which is negatively impacting their learning and grades.”
Washington Department of Health, Feb 2021.

50 %

Of teens (ages 13–17) experience more intense stress associated with schooling due to COVID-19.

The American Psychological Association-APA

1 In 4

Youth seriously contemplate suicide.

 National Alliance on Mental Health, 2022

10 %

Of teens are concerned about their own emotional health and well-being.

Forbes, 2022

Ambassadors of Compassion Builds Emotional Resilience

The Ambassadors of Compassion programs provide a safe space for students to address their real-life issues in a positive way. Fostering self-awareness, purpose, connection, and hope, and effectively minimizing the out-of-classroom distractions and emotional obstacles that can prevent learning from occurring. Or in extreme cases, lead to mental health issues, self-harm, or violence.


Independent research validates that our evidence-based programs improve grades and attendance, and reduce anger, distraction, disciplinary actions, and self-harm; buying back teaching time for educators and ultimately allowing students to take responsibility for their own learning process

Schools report better performance after students go through the Ambassadors program because they are more comfortable and confident with themselves, better connected to their classmates, and less distracted by emotional issues. All of which allows them to make healthy decisions and perform at their best.

Program Efficacy

Our Impact

Emotional Resilience and connectedness are protective factors for suicide prevention and the promotion of positive behaviors.

CDC Youth Risk Behavior Study, 2019

Emotional Resilience is the ability to understand and manage our emotions, recognize and release unresolved hurt and pain, and turn negative circumstances into motivation for positive action. It is learned behavior that can be improved with practice.

When students don’t feel emotionally safe and are struggling with hurt and pain, they are not emotionally resilient, and their ability to learn, perform, or even cope, is drastically diminished.


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How Can You Help?
Become a Legacy Legend
or a Legacy Leader

Legacy Legends

Financially adopt a school, or schools, to implement the Ambassadors of Compassion program.

Legacy Leaders

Use their relationships and influence to expand the Ambassadors of Compassion's reach across the nation.


Be a Legacy Legend and Adopt a School

Transform a School

$24,000 Donation will empower 400 students with our Ambassadors program.

Impact a School

$15,000 Donation will empower 250 students with our Ambassadors program.

Support a School

$6,000 Donation will empower 100 students with our Ambassadors program.

Participating Partners

Become a Legacy Leader
Share Our Mission

Please share these resources with friends, family, and colleagues who have a heart for adopting a school to help reach 1 Million Students and build the emotional resilience our youth so desperately need.

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Support Ambassadors of Compassion
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