Building Emotionally
Resilient Youth

Imagine your students becoming emotionally resilient: setting and accomplishing their goals and dreams, learning how to forgive and overcome their negative experiences, not blaming and shaming others when things don’t go their way, while at the same time challenging others to do the same.

Who We Are

Ambassadors of Compassion is an innovative emotional resiliency building program that helps students work through real-life issues and equips them with the critical skills needed to navigate and succeed through life’s inevitable challenges. The program is scientifically validated and proven to improve emotional health and performance in school while mitigating negative or destructive behavior. It brings together the collective wisdom and expertise of successful leaders, educators, and influencers from around the world.

Partner with us to ensure they have the skills necessary to thrive in the future.


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Why Ambassadors?

Trauma, in all its forms, is the most significant problem facing our school system and students. Expressed as unresolved hurt and pain, trauma impedes students’ ability to perform to their optimal capabilities and often leads to destructive behaviors. Recent studies show that the COVID pandemic has exacerbated the situation. The tragedy is the loss of unrealized human potential that will never benefit our families, society, or the world.

Hear it from NFL Champion Spencer Tillman

Former NFL player Spencer Tillman talks about the challenges Gen Z is facing today and how it affects mental health. He introduces the Ambassadors of Compassion Life Skills program as a way to prepare individuals to deal with life transitions and to master the set of mental and emotional skills needed to recover from disruption and thrive.

What Makes Our Program So Successful

The Ambassadors of Compassion journey brings hope. It opens hearts and minds to new possibilities. It helps young people understand who they are, where they belong, and where they want to go in life. It unlocks purpose by helping students identify and move past the obstacles that prevent them from being their best selves. And demonstrates the freedom and power of serving others.

Proven Results

We put core values
into action.

Real Connection

We focus on students’ hearts.

Builds Community

We reach out and serve others.

Positive Engagement

We teach resilience, empathy, and accountability.

Meaningful Mentoring

We involve adults who listen and care.


Ambassadors of Compassion partners with caring corporations, the entertainment industry, pro and college sports teams, and civic-minded groups to provide community-wide support for our students and schools.


Jerry Colangelo

Former Owner, Phoenix Suns / Arizona Diamondbacks

Arizona Diamond backs and Phoenix Suns Logos

“The Ambassadors of Compassion program is a perfect vehicle to create lasting change. I encourage all that have access to the program to use it.”


Spencer Tillman

AOC Coach, Fox Sports Analyst, Captain of the Super Bowl XXIV Champion San Francisco 49ers

Fox Sports and San Fransisco 49ers logos.

“Ambassadors of Compassion build leaders. That’s why I’m involved.”


Mario Lopez

Television Host and Actor

Access Hollywood Logo

“I want to encourage you on your journey right now because I’m becoming an Ambassador of Compassion”


Craig Cheek

Former Vice President, Nike Inc.


“At Nike we were obsessed and relentless about creating the best product for athletes. Ambassadors of Compassion is striving to make athletes better by addressing personal issues that are often the difference between a great and mediocre team success.”


Ambassadors of Compassion partners with caring corporations, celebrities and the entertainment industry, pro and college sports teams, schools, and community-based groups.

What Students Are Saying

Feedback from thousands of students attests to the life-changing results of the program.

“The Ambassadors of Compassion experience has reinforced qualities in me that can make me a greater leader and example. It has reminded me that life can be tough but it is up to us to persevere through obstacles.”
High School Student
"This Ambassadors of Compassion journey has helped me realize the consequences of not forgiving and the changes I need to make for a successful future."
High School Student
“I was kicked out of 16 schools in 4 years. I would get into at least one fight everyday, maybe even more. I am extremely grateful to Ambassadors of Compassion for giving me a chance to understand many parts of myself that I never thought existed.”
University of Alabama Honors Graduate

What Is The Ambassadors Journey?

Practice is Everything

Emotional Resilience isn’t a trait you are born with. It is a learned skill that improves with practice and is mastered over time. It is the ability to adapt to stressful situations or crises. Highly resilient individuals adapt to adversity with minimal long-term negative effects. A lack of emotional resilience leads to anxiety, depression, and long-term emotional, physical, and mental health issues.

“Emotional resilience and connectedness are protective factors for suicide prevention and the promotion of positive behaviors.”

CDC Youth Risk Behavior Study

Our Learning Model

The Ambassadors Emotional Resilience Learning Model includes hands-on learning, interacting with peers with empathy and accountability, and putting into practice concepts, principles, and insights which help students overcome emotional obstacles. It helps students find their voice and provides a safe space to uncover and process their real-life issues. The confidence gained during the program also shapes students’ character and helps them be a positive influence on others in their school and community.


Life Training Event

The Ambassadors of Compassion program starts with Advanced LIFE Training event. This highly energized 2-hour assembly introduces students to the Ambassadors content and process. It gets them emotionally connected to the program, their coaches, and each other.


Group Sessions

The Ambassadors of Compassion program revolves around small group discussions where students have the opportunity to personally examine and practice life-ready principles with their peers. Led by an Ambassador Coach, these groups meet once a week to view the session video and discuss the questions in the Ambassadors Coach Session Guide.


Online Sessions

Our online journal walks students through introspective questions and weekly calls-to-action specifically designed to help them discover who they are, identify and release obstacles holding them back, and take responsibility for their own lives. Challenging them to start taking the actual steps necessary to achieve their goals and dreams, and to be accountable for their own outcomes.

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