The Ambassadors of Compassion (AOC) Leadership Program is an interactive journey that brings together the wisdom and expertise learned by leaders and influencers to equip youth with resiliency and the personal leadership skills to navigate and succeed through life's inevitable challenges. It is designed to teach the critical life principles that every person should know and incorporate into their life in order to reach their full potential.

Ambassadors of Compassion envisions millions of youth who are productive, self-sufficient, and compassionate citizens taking responsibility for their own lives while at the same time serving the needs of their community and world. The Ambassadors of Compassion journey helps youth define who they are, where they belong, and where they are going in life. It helps them discover their life's purpose along with providing them with a sense of hope and destiny through serving the needs of others.

"There is a leader in all of us. Ambassadors of Compassion teaches our youth how to tap into their full potential and take ownership of their future, right here and right now."

Catherine AnayaCBS Channel 5 News Anchor/Reporter, Phoenix, AZ, Three-time Emmy Award Winning Journalist, Anchor of the Year, Ambassador of Compassion

"The Ambassadors of Compassion experience has reinforced qualities in me that can make me a greater leader and example. It has reminded me that life can be tough but it is up to us to persevere through obstacles."

DannyHigh School Student, San Diego, CA