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AOC Journey

The Ambassadors of Compassion Leadership Program is a 14-week, coach-led, interactive journey, that TRAINS, MEASURES, and HONORS™ youth by bringing together the wisdom and expertise learned by leaders and influencers from around the world to equip youth with resiliency, hope, and the personal leadership skills to navigate and succeed through life’s inevitable challenges. It is a program of Lift Up America for youth age 14 and older that teaches the critical life principles that are essential for every person to know and incorporate into their life in order to reach their full potential.

“Nothing significant happens without effective leadership. Ambassadors of Compassion builds leaders. That’s why I’m involved.”

- Spencer Tillman

  • CBS Sports Analyst
  • Captain of the Super Bowl XXIV Champion San Francisco 49ers
  • Ambassador of Compassion

"I grew up in a very tough part of Chicago and I know how important it is to build into the lives of our youth. Ambassadors of Compassion's leadership model - Train, Measure, and Honor - produces lasting results and changed lives."

- Jerry Colangelo

  • Former owner, Phoenix Suns
  • Former owner, Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Led USA Basketball to a Gold Medal at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics
  • Ambassador of Compassion

“There is a leader in all of us. Ambassadors of Compassion teaches our youth how to tap into their full potential and take ownership of their future, right here and right now.”

- Catherine Anaya

  • CBS Channel 5 News Anchor/Reporter, Phoenix, AZ
  • Three-time Emmy Award Winning Journalist
  • Anchor of the Year
  • Ambassador of Compassion

“We all have something amazing to offer the world. Ambassadors of Compassion allows students to recognize what they have to offer and how to give back in a meaningful way.”

- Amy Kernin-Laye

  • GEAR UP Project Director, State Department of Education of Idaho
  • Ambassador of Compassion

"I believe the Ambassadors of Compassion Leadership Program will be the fuel that ignites the passion to begin and the perseverance to finish for millions of teenagers. I've seen the results and they are stellar!!!"

- Gene Bedley

  • 40 Years in Public Education
  • National Outstanding Educator of the Year
  • Founder, Executive Director / National Character Education Center
  • Global Leader in Value Based Education

"The Ambassadors of Compassion journey challenges and inspires youth to leave the past behind and reach out to their full potential in life."

- H. Wayne Huizenga, Jr.

  • Former Owner, Miami Dolphins
  • Former Owner, Blockbuster Video
  • President, Huizenga Holdings, Inc.
  • Chairman of the Board, Rybovich

“An Ambassador of Compassion is not just a title but a way of life.”

- Kayon Brantley

  • Grew up in a home without a mom or dad and without positive role models
  • Ambassador of Compassion
  • Winner of the 2012 Ambassadors of Compassion Leadership Award for Perseverance

View Highlights of Kickoff Event

The AOC journey begins with an internationally broadcast kickoff that features celebrities, athletes, professionals and people from all walks of life sharing their talents and expertise to launch the youth on their AOC journey. Learn More

Team Coaches

A Team Coach is the individual who takes students through the AOC journey.  They play the key role in helping their students understand, practice and incorporate the AOC life concepts in their everyday lives. Learn More

AOC Speakers

Ambassadors of Compassion brings together the proven and practical wisdom and expertise learned by leaders and influencers from around the world and infuses their knowledge and experiences into the hearts of our youth. Learn More